Misting or Fogging of sealed units in double glazed windows is a common problem and most often occurs after the guarentee on the units has passed! Misty or Foggy windows can make a room look awful but repairing or replacing the sealed units is no longer a big problem.


The panes of glass used in double glazed windows are called sealed units.  The panes are kept apart by a spacer bar which contains hundreds of tiny silica balls. 


These same balls can be found in the little bag you receive when buying electrical goods and also in the trays bought from DIY stores which are placed on window cills to prevent condensation.


It is these balls which soak up any moisture which exists in the air between the two panes of glass.


Once the silica becomes saturated the moisture in the air will begin to mist, or fog up your double glazing.  


This should not happen for at least 5 years from the date of installation and you should have a receipt from your double glazing company to guard against sealed units "breaking down". Most companies offer a 10 year guarantee. can replace these units and provide a no fuss 5 year guarantee against any failures

Lock Upgrades


Thieves have devised methods of snapping these types of cylinders locks in a matter of seconds and still be able to operate the lock to open the door.       


This threat can be considerably reduced simply by upgrading the cylinder to one that is specifically designed to prevent this method of attack. We recommend that all vulnerable doors using Euro-Profile cylinders be upgraded to incorporate 'Break Secure' cylinders.


Euro cylinders are mainly fitted to uPVC doors but some aluminium and wooden doors also use this type of lock.


Locks, handles and hinges

Draughty windows, broken handles and hinges, doors that dont lock....Windowrepairer can help! 


We Repair all types of upvc problems and often this saves our customers alot of money when compared to replacement.  Only using the the highest standard of replacement parts ensures that these problems should never accur again.


 We can source 99% of all Double glazing parts which will no doubt save our customers time and money.   Often a repair might be all that is needed and can provide a fast, friendly and reliable service while not costing the earth.  Please feel free to call our team on 0191 2682249 or call into our showroom at 25a Crescent Way South, Forest Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne, Ne12 9AS.




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Installers of windows, Doors and Composite Doors

Through our sister company Allweather Windows we can supply and install beautiful A rated windows and doors. Allweather Windows 


Window repairer is ran in association with Allweather Windows, a company that has served Newcastle upon Tyne for over 20 years.  As such we have built up a reputation for excellent customer service matched with quality products.  This is a philosophy which runs into window


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